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Research Supervisors

List of Supervisor

Sl No Department Name of Supervisor Designation Specialization
1 Chemistry Dr. Manash Das Gupta

Mobile No: 9436103373

Email ID: manashdg2011@gmail.com

Professor Inorganic Chemistry (Inorganic Chemical Kinetics)
2 Chemistry Dr. Azmol Hussain Barbhuiya

Mobile No: +91-9859978137/ 7002943146

E-mail: barbhuiyaajmal@gmail.com

Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
3 Chemistry Dr. Arabinda Chandra Nath

Mobile No.:+91-9435013044

E-mail id: arabindacnath@rediffmail.com

Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
4 Chemistry Dr. Durlov Saikia

Mobile No:  98646423771

E-mail: durlovsaikia13@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry
5 Chemistry Dr. Sarifuddin Gazi

Mobile No: +91-8016953847

E-mail ID: gazisarifuddin@gmail.com

Assistant Professor & HoD Organic Chemistry
6 Chemistry Dr. Prasanta Baishya

Mobile No: 9854148995

Email ID: baishya.prasanta@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Polymer Chemistry
7 Chemistry Dr. Mitali Paul

Mobile No: 9804508062

Email ID:bemitali@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry
8 Chemistry Dr. Golam Mohiuddin

Mobile No: 9064188261

Email ID: golammohiuddin.ustm@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry
9 Chemistry Dr.Samiyara Begum

Mobile No: 8638242981

Email ID: semim248@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
10 Physics Dr. Nitu Borgohain

Mobile No: +91-9365333726

E-mail ID: nituborgohain.ism@gmail.com

Assistant Professor &HoD Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Photonics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
11 Physics Dr. Mayuri Devee

Mobile No: 8822516682/ 6001561545

E-Mail: deveemayuri@gmail.com


Assistant Professor High Energy  Physics and Condensed Matter Physics
12 Physics Dr. Hari Prasad Jaishi

Mobile No: 9774041771

E-mail: jaishi2018@rediffmail.com


Assistant Professor Seismology, Geophysics
13 Physics Dr.Faizuddin Ahmed

Mobile No: 8638302021

Email ID: faizuddin@ustm.ac.in

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics
14 Geography Dr. Semim Wara Begum

Mobile No: 8638242981

Email ID: semim248@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Population and Cartography
15 Geography Dr.Kankana Borah

Mobile No: 9864075151

Email ID:


Assistant Professor Tourism
16 Geography Dr. Trishna Changkakati

Mobile No: 8011809853

E-mail ID: trish.cgk@mail.com

Assistant Professor Geoinformatics, Climate Change, Forest Cencer Change
17 Environmental Science Dr.ShamikhuChangmai

Mobile No: 7002238835

E-mail ID: shamikhu@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Biodiversity; Wildlife Ecology, Natural Resource Management; Socio-Environment Issues; Remote Sensing & GIS, Climate change
18 Environmental Science Dr. Rekha Bora

Mobile: 8638455428

Email ID: dr.rekhabora@gmail.com


Assistant Professor Ethnobotany, Biodiversity, Plant Ecology
19 Mathematics Dr. Prabin Das

Mobile No: 9435732811

Email ID: prabin1955@gmail.com

Professor &HoD Functional Analysis, Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Fuzzy Mathematics
20 Mathematics Dr.Gitumani Sarma

Mobile No: 7896338158

E-Mail: gmani.sarma@gmail.com

Associate Professor Relativity
21 Mathematics Dr. Anupam Dutta

Mobile No: 7005114795

Email ID: anupa.dutta@gmail.com

Associate Professor Graph Theory, Transportation and Assignment Problems
22 Mathematics Dr.Pinkimani Goswami

Mobile No: 9101626989

E-mail: pinkimanigoswami@yahoo.com

Assistant Professor Number Theory & Public key Cryptography
23 Mathematics Dr.Kangkan Choudhury

Mobile No: 9864602809

Email ID: kangkan22@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics, MHD, Heat and Mass Transfer
24 Botany Dr. R.K. Sharma

Mobile No:+91- 9435198818

E-mail: rabinkrsharma@gmail.com


Professor Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
25 Botany Dr. Gauri Dutt Sharma

Mobile No: +91-7983733308

Email: gduttasharma@yahoo.co.in

Professor Microbial Ecology and Technology/ Microbiology
26 Botany Dr.Milu Rani Das

Mobile No: +91-8486399172

E-mail: miluranidas2007@rediffmail.com

Associate Professor Plant Physiology
27 Botany Dr.Bedabati Chowdhury

Mobile No:9954035414



Associate Professor &HoD Plant Physiology & Biochemistry, Pharmacology
28 Botany Dr.Mautushi Das

Mobile No: 9854087906/ 8876297014

E-mail : moushg@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Plant Ecology
29 Botany Dr.Dhritiman Chanda

Mobile No: +91- 9365440568

E-mail ID: dhriti.delhi@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Plant Pathology and Microbiology
30 Botany Dr. Pranita Hajong

Mobile No: 9436563824

Email ID: pranitahajong@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Algal taxonomy and Ecology
31 Botany Dr. Amilia Nongbet

Mobile No: 9366481987

Email ID: amilianongbet1125@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Plant Molecular Biology
32 Botany Dr. Kuno Chuzho

Mobile No: +91- 8413894756/ 9089893905

E-mail ID: kunochuzho@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Wood Decay Fungi, Mycology
33 Botany Dr. Nazir Ahmad Bhat

Mobile No: +91- 9682365590/ 9485181348

E-mail ID: nazirsultan786@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Plant Taxonomy and Systematics
34 Biotechnology Dr. Sony Kumari

Mobile No: 09706782348

E-Mail: sonykumari_15@yahoo.com

Associate Professor Biochemistry ,  Molecular Study (Plant)
35 Biotechnology Dr. Sony Kumari

Mobile No: 09706782348

E-Mail: sonykumari_15@yahoo.com

Associate Professor Biochemistry ,  Molecular Study (Plant)
36 Biotechnology Dr.Jayabrata Saha

Mobile No: 8876932784/ 6000461155

Email ID:  jayabrata.saha@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Food Quality, Food Biochemistry
37 Biotechnology Dr.Madhusmita Borthakur

Mobile No: +91- 9435424038

E-mail ID: mborthakur58@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Mushroom Biology (Microbiology)
38 Biotechnology Dr. Priyanka Shankarishan

Mobile No: +91- 9707662243

E-mail ID: p.shankarishan@rediffmail.com

Assistant Professor Molecular Epidemiology, Non – Communicable Diseases
39 Biotechnology Dr.Yugal Kishore Mohanta

Mobile No: +91- 9439093024

E-mail ID: ykmohanta@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Nano Biotechnology
40 Biotechnology Dr. Tamanna Bhuyan

Mobile No: +91-7896264908

E-mail ID: tamanna.bhuyan4@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Biotechnology, Nanobiotechnology
41 Microbiology Dr.Deboja Sharma

Mobile No:  8753969941

E-mail: debu1000@gmail.com

HoD& Associate Professor Microbiology
42 Microbiology Dr. Manjit Kumar Ray

Mobile No: 9707594625

Email ID: manjit_ray2002@yahoo.com

Assistant Professor Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Environmental Microbiology
43 Microbiology Dr.Kaustuvmani Patowary

Mobile No: 9864394580

Email ID: k4kaustuv@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Environmental Biotechnology, Bio Remediation
44 Food Science and Technology Dr.Saiyyad Alamdar Husain

Mobile No.:+91-7505436806/ 7983430492

E-mail id: alamdar.amu@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Dairy Technology
45 Zoology Dr.Rashmimala Kakoti

Mobile No: +91-361-2262050/ 8876735557

E-mail: rashmi.kakoti99@gmail.com

Professor Entomology
46 Zoology Dr.Karobi Bhuyan Saikia

Mobile No: +91- 9864042544

E-mail ID: karobisaikia24@gmail.com

Professor Ecology and Environmental Biology
47 Zoology Dr. Kamal Choudhury

Mobile No.:+91-9864219933

E-mail id: kamalchou@rediffmail.com

Professor Animal Physiology and Biochemistry
48 Zoology Dr. Dipankar Dutta

Mobile No: 9864264723

Email ID: dipankar.dd.26@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Cell and Molecular Biology
49 Zoology Dr.Kangkan Jyoti Sarma

Mobile No: 9429389811

Email ID: mailtokjsarma@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Fish and Fishery Biology
50 Zoology Dr.Tahsina Shireen

Mobile No: +91- 8876526049

E-mail ID: tahsina13@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Microbiology
51 Zoology Dr. Bhagyashree Mahanta

Mobile No: +91- 8638104585

E-mail ID: mahantabhagyashree@rediffmail.com

Assistant Professor Animal Physiology & Biochemistry
52 Business Administration Dr. Nurujjaman Laskar

Mobile No: +91- 7002303751

E-mail ID: nurujjamanl@gmail.com

Associate Professor Productivity and Production Management
53 Business Administration Dr. Binita Topno

Mobile No: +91- 9854333669

E-mail ID: binitatopno@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship
54 Business Administration Dr. Sahnaj  Rahmatulla Laskar

Mobile No: +91- 8134046970

E-mail ID: sahnaj077@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Marketing and Human Resource (HR)
55 Economics Dr. Kandarpa Kumar Barman

Mobile No: +91-9864071182

E-mail ID: kkb1948@gmail.com

Professor Macro Economics, Financial Institutions & Agricultural Economics
56 Economics Dr. Sujata Choudhury

Mobile No: 8011777994

Email ID: choudhurysujata23@gmail.com

Associate Professor &HoD Health Economics, International Economics
57 Economics Dr. Farhat Hossain

Mobile No: 9475898574

Email ID: farhat.hossain88@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Health Economics and Development Economics
58 Computer Science and Electronics Dr. Velumani P.S

Mobile No: 6383730428

Email ID: dvpsvelumani@gmail.com

Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Big Data Analysis & AI
59 Computer Science and Electronics Dr. Bhairab Sarma

Mobile No: 9856224242

E-mail: bhairabs@rediffmail.com

Associate Professor & HoD Natural Language Processing (NLP)
60 Computer Science and Electronics Dr. Kanak Chandra Bora

Mobile No : 8721907694

E-Mail : boopborabora@yahoo.in

Associate Professor Data Mining
61 Computer Science and Electronics Dr. Md. Atowar Ul Islam

Mobile No: 9864491626

E-mail: atowar91626@gmail.com

Associate Professor Graph Theory
62 Computer Science and Electronics Dr. Rashel Sarkar

Mobile No: 8660229357

Email ID: sarkarrashel@gmail.com

Associate Professor Data Mining, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence
63 Pharmacy Dr. Pallab Kalita

Mobile No: 8486407712

Email ID: kalitapallab@gmail.com

Associate Professor & Dean Pharmacology
64 Political Science Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Mobile No: 8707310684

E-mail ID:


Professor International Relations, Diplomacy, Tribal Studies
65 Political Science Dr. Himashree Patowary

Mobile No: 6000807329/ 8403837176

Email ID: himashreepatowary131@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Public Administration, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Women Studies
66 Sociology Dr. Trishna Mani Thakuria

Mobile No: 9711335666

Email ID: thakuria.trishna@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Sociology of Health, Sociology of Gender, Tribal Studies, Minority Studies
67 Rural Development Dr. Sanjib Kumar Dutta

Mobile No: 9435389868

Email ID: rohanbaba1998@yahoo.co.in

Professor Marketing, Agriculture, Rural Development
68 Rural Development Dr. Shweta Priyamvada

Mobile No: +91- 9401998988

E-mail ID: shwetadpriyamvada@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Milk Supply Chain
69 English Dr. Kabita Ghosh

Mobile No: 9954255842

Email ID: ghoshkabita03@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Material and Curriculum Development, Academic Writing, Language Teaching
70 Social Work Dr. Nibedita Paul

Mobile No: 9706546120

Email ID: nibeditapaul@yahoo.com

Associate Professor Tribal Development
71 Social Work Dr. Noorul Ain

Mobile No: 9805285268/ 7037094707

E-mail ID: noorulain.alig@gmail.com


Assistant Professor Community Work, HRM, Aging & Elderly Care
72 Social Work Dr. Rameez Manzoor

Mobile No: 7889588039

Email ID: bhatrameez3286@gmail.com

Assistant Professor Disability Studies, Community based Rehabilitation Medical & Psychiatric Social Work


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