Women Cell

The Women’s Cell in USTM was established in June 2012; constituted to maintain gender equality on campus and keeping up with the directives of University Grants Commission (UGC). Since its inception, the USTM Women Cell is being governed under the Chairmanship of Dr. Alaka Sarma, Pro VC of USTM.

The primary goal of the cell is to ensure zero gender discrimination on campus. Activities initiated under the Women’s Cell consists of awareness campaigns about various rights of women; educating students regarding constitutional rights passed under Indian Law that protects the dignity of women in critical circumstances.


Any student or faculty member who may have faced harassment on campus is encouraged to come forward for registering a complaint either by sending a mail, or via calling any of the members of the internal committee.

For convenience, contact details of all members are widely publicised via notice Boards put in the University premises.  The constitution of the women’s cell stipulates that the meetings of the internal complaints committee must take place at least once in a semester or whenever a need arises on priority; whichever is early.


Fraternity members of the University takes pride in declaring that occurrences of any untoward experiences are extremely minimal on campus premises; immediate measures have been followed upon whenever such reporting of event have taken place. Faculty as well as staff members present in both campus and hostel premises are always vigilant; this ensures that we get very few complaints about sexual harassment.

More than fifty percent of the USTM fraternity comprises of women and it is a matter of honour that the University has been able to maintain a consistent air of security as well as equality since the inception of Women’s Cell.

The management prioritizes in putting an end to all forms of gender discrimination inside University premises. This sets the tone for a discrimination free campus environment.


·       Annual celebration on occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March.

·       Annual celebration on occasion of International Day for the Girl Child on 11th October.

Each commemoration event organized by the Women’s Cell at USTM invites notable Gender Activists, distinguished women from diverse walk of life to inspire every female student studying at USTM.


Governing Members of Women’s Cell

Dr. Alaka Sarma


Ph – 9435049550

Email – alakasarma@gmail.com


Dr Alpana Choudury

Nodal officer

Ph – 9954708001

Email – alpana.choudury2014@gmail.com


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