USTM is initiating for various Vocational courses as per the directive of UGC and maintaining the assessment and evaluation by following National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). All these Vocational courses will follow the 4 different levels under NSQF; will declare the credits and award points, duration and finally Exist Points / Awards.
For an example:
·      In NSQF level 4, course duration is 6 months and Exit Point / Award is Certificate.
·      In NSQF level 5, course duration is 1 year and Exit Point / Award is Diploma.
·      In NSQF level 6, course duration is 2 years and Exit Point / Award is Adv. Diploma.
·      In NSQL level 7, course duration is 3 years and Exit Point / Award is B. Voc. Degree.

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